Our Repair Process in Sterling, VA

Every auto body shop has their own repair process in Sterling, VA, that they follow when it comes to understanding what is going on with your vehicle and how to fix it. Most, however, don’t want you to know that process because it might reveal that they aren’t doing the most they can for you and your vehicle.

M & K Auto Repair, Inc. does things a little bit differently. We want you to know our repair process because we believe, as the vehicle’s owner, you should know exactly what we are going to do to get your car back into the best possible shape. Take a look below to see all of the steps we take when we work with your car.

Our Simple Nine-Step Process

Step 1 – Analyze External Damage
Step 2 – Disassemble Parts & Look for Interior Damage
Step 3 – Request Insurance Approval/Quote
Step 4 – Order Parts & Materials
Step 5 – Repair Any Structural & Frame Damage
Step 6 – Repair Any Body Damage
Step 7 – Paint Your Car
Step 8 – Reassemble the Parts
Step 9 – Detail Your Vehicle

Contact us to learn even more about our complete repair process. Our services are designed to make it easy and affordable for you to get the auto services you need in the Sterling, Virginia, area.